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What Obama and Sherman have in common

By Ned Scarlet


Lately I have found myself making the most unlikely of comparisons. I have been contrasting a somewhat similar problem shared by President Obama and General William Tecumseh Sherman, and have found they both arrived at the same solution.

During the American Civil war the Northern Army was plagued with desertions, which commanders tried to remedy by court-marshaling the offenders, and sentencing them to death. Then they faced an additional problem, their Commander in Chief, President Lincoln, would pardon all but a few of the offenders.

General Sherman, whose army had a lower number of desertions, was asked how he executed deserters without Lincoln first granting a pardon, he replied, "I shot them first."

Now President Obama is faced with a similar situation, although his deals with enemy combatants and is self-imposed by foolish campaign promises. Obama openly detests our country's detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, and in failing to close it he does not want more detainees sent there, however he is forced to recognize its necessity.

Victor Davis Hanson writes: "By all accounts, President Obama has vastly increased the number of Predator drone strikes during his 13 months in office and expanded the theater of missile operations by thousands of square miles. Indeed, since inauguration day, 2009, Predator and Reaper drone attacks may have killed over 500 suspected terrorists in Waziristan and Pakistan."

President Obama has solved his problem of sending more politically troublesome guests to Guantanamo Bay, like General Sherman, he shoots them first.

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