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Animal love

Windy Larsen holds the new colt, little Joe, for Kyler Robertson, Brittney Tennant, Kaydence Farley, Brody Bell, JayDee Cain and Brooklyn Davis.

Guest Writer

Windy Larsen hosted Sandra Huntington's three pre-school classes recently at her petting zoo in Orangeville. Each class stayed about 30 minutes as each class was leaving a new class arrived to take their place. The weather was blustery and cold with occasional snow flakes falling. The first group of pre-school children arrived at 9 a.m. to tour the petting zoo. They started in the grooming shop where they saw and handled a bird called a Rainbow Lorikeet.

They saw a mother sheep named Shadow and her baby lamb. They then went outside to a mother goat Patricia and her kid, where a goat milking demonstration was made. Some had the experience of milking a goat. A few children were squirted with goat's milk.

Later they visited Bonnie the Emu. Where Windy explained about the female Emu who made a thrumming noise and liked to pick on fingers poked through the fence. The female Emu lays the eggs and then the male Emu sits on the eggs until the eggs hatch.

Next they went to see the new baby colt. The mother horse was not sure she wanted people petting her baby called Little Joe.

The small furry donkey called Suburban ( because he arrived in a suburban auto) was a favorite to pet.

Several children chose to accept the offer to have a ride on the llama called Padmay with Don Anderson leading. Kenneth Larsen took other children for rides in a two wheeled cart pulled by a mini-pony named Starla.

"The children always enjoy visiting Windy Larsen's Petting Zoo," said Sandra Huntington.

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