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Festive Friday summer fun

This tepee made of fabric with a matching sleeping pad, is set up at Festive Friday. It was made and brought by Juanita McCandless.She said they are very sturdy and will keep children playing and occupied for hours.

Guest Writer

Many parents who think about how to keep their children busy during the summer had a great resource at Festive Friday. Festive Friday is held many times throughout the year at the county building in Castle Dale. This was the final Festive Friday until fall.

Christine Jensen and Barbra Jones from the state extension office, came well equipped to help parents with ideas to keep children busy and learning during the summer months. Jones suggested, "that parents make summer a learning experience, along with teaching children responsibilities they will need through their lives."

Numerous booklets and materials were handed out, and may still be available in the extension office, to give ideas of activities for children. These activities are centered around teaching the children about the world in which they live.

Several of the people who attended told of their own family traditions and summer activities. Carol Stilson told of her "Cousins Camp" in which all of the grandchildren come and stay at her house for three days. Each day is filled with activities and field trips for the cousins and grandma. She said the children, ranging in age from 3-14 years, look forward to summer for this camp. "We plan simple meals, along with crafts, photos, movie night, hikes and trips to the park. One of their favorite breakfasts is the omelet in a baggie. They love to create their own things," said Stilson.

Stilson said each year has a different theme, such as pirates, cowboys or Hawaiian, and they all wear clothing and costumes to fit the theme. She also has purchased a water slide and one day is a swim day, if the weather cooperates.

Jones gave several websites which can help with ideas, such as She also noted a good book called Puzzles and Games for Critical Thinking from Lowell House, Chicago, Ill. as a great resource for learning activities.

For more information, anyone can contact the extension office at 381-2381.

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