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General Notice To Control Noxious Weeds

Notice is hereby given this 17 day of May, 2010, pursuant to the Utah
Noxious Weed Act, Section 7, to every person who owns or controls land
in Emery County, Utah, that noxious weeds standing, being, or growing
on such land shall be controlled and the spread of same prevented by
effective cutting, tillage, cropping, pasturing, or treating with
chemicals or other effective methods, or combination thereof, approved
by County Weed supervisor, as often as may be required to prevent the
weed from blooming and maturing seeds, or spreading by root, root
stalks or other means.

	Upon failure to comply with this notice, the owner or person in
possession of property which noxious weeds are present shall be deemed
negligent and enforce control measures may be imposed at the
discretion of county authorities. Expenses of control measures
employed by the county shall be paid by the owner or person in
possession of the property, or shall constitute a lien on property and
become collectible by taxes.

	The following are declared noxious weeds for the State of Utah and
the county of Emery:

Leafy Spurge
Oxe Eye Daisy
Purple Lithrum
Spotted Knapweed
Black Henbane
Yellow Star Thistle
Sulfur Quinfoil

Bermuda Grass
Tall Whitetop
Dalmation Toadflax
Dyers Woad
Hoary Cress
Musk Thistle
Poison Hemlock
Russian Knapweed
Scotch Thistle

Field Bindweed
Canada Thistle
Hounds Tongue
Quack Grass

Buffalo Burr
Burr Buttercup
Matrimony Vine
Russion Olives
Wild Clematis
Yellow Toadflax
Published in the Emery County Progress May 25, 2010.

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