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Who let the grads out?

Green River High graduates Jill Vetere, Robert Pitt and Danielle Monroe celebrate after they receive their diplomas.

Guest Writer

Green River High School senior class of 2010 was 13 strong. Their class quote was by Confucius "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Senior class president Kayden Mecham thanked everyone for the many years of support everyone gave them. He said "We are a product of our community and the people that influenced our lives. Your advice will be forever ingrained in us as we take the next few steps into the future of becoming adults."

Salutatorian Jill Vetere asked the seniors just who they are and who they will be. She gave them a few tips on how to best answer that question. 1: Fear can be your best teacher. It's OK to be scared; our fears give us wisdom and tell us that we may need help. Remember, you and your dreams are bigger than your fears. 2: Your Master Plan, we may think we have everything all figured out, but something with happen and our master plan will be altered. Don't be so set in your ways that you can't change your plans, adapt, switch directions, or strike out on a new path. 3: Mistakes - learn from them. 4: Courage, as we step into the next phase of our lives, we are going to need courage. Courage tells us that we can get through the tough times even if it feels like we can't. 5: Curiosity, stay curious, ask questions, stay teachable, we still have a lot to learn. 6: Gratitude, have a little gratitude, be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more, if you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never have enough.

Lydia Dunham, class Valedictorian told the senior class that they were about to make choices about their futures, choices that will determine the places they will go, the people they will meet and most importantly, the choices concerning who they will become. She quoted John M. Richardson, "When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened." She said they all have a choice right now, a choice that leads to more choices-a choice to lead to a life with purpose.

The advice Sheri Vetere gave them was remember each of you has the potential to be whatever you choose, please strive to be the best at whatever that is. Remember, sometimes you can't control the wind but you can adjust the sails. Class of 2010 includes: Brittney Nicole Bastian, Courtney Chanel Carter, Keith Allen Clark, Lydia Ruth Christabell Dawn Dunham-Valedictorian, Tracy Nicole Engleman, Class Secretary, Daniel Earl Lee Hales, Kari Lynn Mayall, Kayden Ty Mecham, Class President, Diego Horacio Mendoza, Danielle Joanne Monroe, Robert Stephen Pitt III, Mitchell Blair Vetere, and Jill Ashley Vetere-Salutatorian.

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