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Armed forces day bake and yard sale

Jan Hess, Jo Sansevero and Dixie Swasey help organize the bake sale and yard sale.

Armed Forces Day was observed in Ferron with a bake sale and yard sale to raise money for Operation Home Support.

Dixie Swasey introduced Jan Hess Chairman over operation home support. Jo Sansevero is the new American Legion Auxiliary Ferron Unit 42 Auxiliary President. Dixie Swasey is the Past President.

Dixie Swasey said, "We hold this garage sale and bake goods sale every year on Armed Forces Day. This is all part of the American Legion Auxiliary Ferron Unit 42. Operation Home Support is to gather and send boxes to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the names of soldiers we know of. Do you have the name of a soldier over there that you would like us to send a box of goodies or a card on holidays? These soldiers get something every month from us. They sure enjoy sharing their boxes with their buddies. We got a letter telling us of soldiers that never get any mail so we all wrote to them. This is a program where we get a lot of good support from the community."

Jo Sansevero said, "We get wonderful letters telling us how much they appreciate the letters and boxes. This is a program that does make a difference over there."

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