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To Veterans with honor

Bert Leamaster, Ray Sitterud, Owen Olsen and Ira Hatch fire a 21 gun salute at the Cleveland Cemetery. Lamond Gardner plays taps for the ceremony.


Emery County observed Memorial Day with several ceremonies at area cemeteries. The Huntington Legion Unit began their services in Elmo. They provided services in Cleveland. Blake Jones recited his rendition of the Ragged Old Flag. Commander Ray Quinn officiated at the services. Chaplain Owen Olsen provided the prayer. Local boy scouts raised the flag in each community. The flag flies at half mast on Memorial Day until noon when it is to be raised to full staff. The legion members traveled to Lawrence and then finished their services at noon in Huntington with a ceremony there.

The Ferron legion members began their day at the Molen Cemetery and continued to Ferron Cemetery and then on to the Castle Dale Cemetery. Emery County residents as well as several visitors attended the ceremonies in the cemeteries. A 21-gun salute was sounded at each cemetery along with the playing of taps on the bugle.

The American Legion encourages all Veterans and families to become members.

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