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Team effort on clean-up of Green River building

Once the building was down the clean-up began.

It takes a village

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, well it took a village to tear down a 100 year old building. The Green River Community Center located on Broadway was pushed over by Dan and Bo Harrison from High Desert Excavation after the ceiling collapsed leaving the building uninhabitable. Many community center staff, AmeriCorps* VISTA and NCCC members picked up piles of wood. JoAnn Chandler from the John Wesley Powell River History Museum Archives attended the demolition and identified many historic items found in the building and offered to restore and preserve them. PACT Board Member Tom Burr who is 80 even cleaned up pieces of the fallen building. Mark and Joane Williams used their heavy equipment to fill the dumpsters. Tanner Silliman ruined tires on their back hoe cleaning up debris. Silliman's donated a bulldozer for Brent Pace to use in loading dumpsters generously donated by City Sanitation. Michael Silliman helped with parts and hauling gas to the site for equipment. Indigo and Paul from the Zen Army who travel across the country helping communities in need spent time hauling wheelbarrows of trash into the dumpsters.There are many more that have helped and have done this service anonymously. We thank everyone for all of the help towards this project.

Our goal is to rebuild a new and multifunctional facility on this site that will serve Green River and the surrounding areas of rural Utah.

Green River is unique because we are isolated by the freeway. People here make the best out of an inconvenient situation. When this community comes together and helps each other miracles happen. Making Broadway flourish with a new building and a welcome place for all will be momentum of great things to come for a deserving village

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