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Emery County readies for primary election June 22


There will be a primary election take place in Emery County on June 22. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Early voting starts on June 8 and runs until June 18. The hours are 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m. in the county clerks office , 75 East Main in Castle Dale.

There will be two ballots for the primary election. The Democratic ballot has one race for US House of Representatives, second district between Jim Matheson and Claudia Wright. The Democratic ballot is open to any registered voter.

The Republican ballot has one race: U.S. Senate between Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee. The Republican primary is a closed primary which means that only registered Republicans can vote this ballot. Any registered voter can change their party affiliation at the polls if they wish to vote the Republican ballot.

There are no county races which need a primary election. In the county races for November, Incumbent County Commissioner Jeff Horrocks faces opponent Edward Geary. In the other county commission race incumbent Gary Kofford is being challenged by JR Nelson. Incumbent Sheriff LaMar Guymon is being challenged by Greg Funk.

The election judges will serve to ensure the elections are run correctly. The election judges for the county include: From Emery: Patrick Sundstrom, Mistie Christiansen and Shonna Petersen; Ferron South-Katherine Singleton, Evelyn Huntsman and Gayle Ewell; Ferron north-Jo Sansevero, Judith Shakespaere and Paula Lucas; Clawson-Barbara Workman, Lisa Jones and Sue Simmons; Orangeville-Dwayne Story, Melanie Thompson and Sandra Oman; Castle Dale west-Tammi Gilson, Dana Montgomery and Marianne Judi; Castle Dale east-Eileen Lofthouse, Lori Rogers and Candace Thomas; Huntington East-Mark Reynolds, Darleen Stephens and Loyette Holdaway; Huntington west-Lisa Brower, Michelle Anderson and Maryella M. Fowler; Cleveland-Evelyn J. Bird, Shirley Huntington and Linda Jensen; Lisa Lofley, Mary Lofley and Shirley Coyne; Green River-Sharon Seely, Charlotte Uptain and Vicki Bayles.

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