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Agency Receives Federal Dollars to Help Resolve Public Land Use Conflicts

Emery Water Conservancy District, headquartered in Castle Dale, is the recipient of a $369,600 federal matching grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunities Program (TOP). The grant funds a three-year project that will develop a telecommunications network to help resolve conflicts related to resource management in Emery County and will improve security and public safety at some of the county's critical infrastructure sites.

The project aims to build a communications network that will link the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale, and the district, with kiosks in key remote locations of the county. These kiosks will dispense real-time weather and water flow data and information about land and trail use. Also, the project will enhance displays at the Museum of the San Rafael with audio-visual and Internet technologies.

Jay Humphrey, manager of the district, states, "There are varied issues and interests connected to the users of public lands in Emery County. We hope that this project will provide timely information to the various land users that will encourage better utilization of our natural resources and minimize the impacts to the public lands."

Participants in the project include The Museum of the San Rafael, Emery Telcom, StoneFly Technology from St. George, Utah State University, the U.S. Bureaus of Land Management and Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service and Utah Department of Natural Resources. StoneFly Technology, the systems integrator for the project, will provide design and deployment services for the communications network.

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Contact Jay Humphrey, Jan Petersen and Bret Berger for more information.

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