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Relay for Life birthday bash

Survivors and their caregivers meet at the Castle Dale Senior Citizen Center for birthday cake and to celebrate their victory over cancer.

A birthday bash was given prior to the relay. The Relay for Life Birthday party was for survivors and caregivers.

Diane Tadehara welcomed the cancer survivors who attended the birthday party she was hosting for them. Along with their caregivers, the survivors were treated to birthday cake and lemonade.

Tadehara said, "I am so pleased so many people came today. I lived in Los Angeles for a while, then moved to Boston. I moved from Boston to here. There were support groups everywhere in those big cities. When I was diagnosed, I found out there was nothing like that here. My goal for this year as survivor chairman is to form a network of survivors who can rely on and talk to each other. There will be other gatherings during the year and you are all welcome to attend, and bring any friends you know who have survived or are battling cancer."

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