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Huntington City gives mayor raise

Student Reporter

Controversy, truth, and accomplishment characterized the Huntington City Council meeting held on June 16.

The meeting included a discussion about the possible approval of the budget adjustment for 2010-2011 - a matter of great controversy. After a great extent of heated debate over the topic the controversy grew until an officer demanded that the enraged parties sit down. The discussion then came to a climax with one citizen asking the mayor, "Do you do it for the money or because you love Huntington?" She answered that she worked because she loved Huntington. Public hearing was closed and the council approved and passed the motion. The Mayor will receive a $1,500 monthly salary. The city council will receive a $600 monthly salary. The mayor's previous salary was $1,200. Treasurer and recorder will receive a $16 hourly wage. The fire department officers will receive $200 monthly and a clothing allowance, and part time workers will receive a $1 per hour increase. A position for a rodeo grounds caretaker was also created in this resolution.

Earlier in the meeting Karl Kay presented the costs of different generators and the council will continue to consider different options for emergency preparedness. Cathy Cowley presented the continued creation of a master plan and presented a few worries about the possible annexation of several areas. The annexation for Gunderson properties was passed. The purchase of scoreboards for ball fields was also approved, but only after discussion of possible vandalism which led to a request from the mayor that the citizens help watch for vandalism.

The new theme for the Huntington Youth City Council was presented. It is, "Good better best, never let it rest; until the good is better and better is best." Huntington City is preparing for its Heritage Day celebration and activities will be held now through July 4.

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