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Castle Dale City news

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Castle Dale City Mayor Neal Peacock began a discussion of the city's B and C road funds. Castle Valley Special Service District has suggested to each Emery County city that it make some changes in the way the funds are handled.

"On the year that each city has its streets resurfaced, they are required to pay the special service district 90 percent of their B and C road funds. That is quite an outlay for the city during that year. The special service district has suggested that each city give 15 percent of their road funds each year," said Mayor Peacock.

Mayor Peacock went on to explain that the special service district is on a nine year rotation for the resurfacing, which means that each city will have their roads resurfaced every nine years. "The special service district is trying to move to a seven year rotation for the cities to have the roads resurfaced," he said. "They suggested this yearly payment to help eliminate the large expense for each city. I need to know what your feelings are on this subject to take the city's answer back to the next meeting." The council approved the yearly payment.

Mayor Peacock explained the Emery County Foundation was formed several years ago to help with issues in Emery County. Many other smaller organizations fall under this foundation's umbrella. The foundation is having some difficulties with funding and volunteers to serve on the board.

"Their costs to operate are eating up their funds and they need some help. My suggestion is to offer them office space here in city hall for a very inexpensive rate to help them out," said Mayor Peacock. He explained the foundation is looking to sell or lease the Crystal House to eliminate funding problems. The city council approved to offer the foundation office space in city hall for the cost of $25 per month.

Mayor Peacock notified the council that the website for the city is continually being updated and improved. The web address is

Councilman Brad Giles expressed his appreciation to the city workers for the preparations completed for the Memorial Day holiday. Councilman Joel Dorsch said weed spraying is continuing in the city, and he has had an Eagle Scout request a project.

The final item on the agenda for the recent meeting was the 2010-2011 budget. The council went over the budget for last year, and made the appropriate changes for the proposed budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Castle Dale City meets the second Thursday each month at 7 p.m. in City Hall, the next meeting is July 8.

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