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Emery Town receives funds

Community Impact Board approves funding for culinary water improvements in the Town of Emery

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Board approved a request for funding from the Town of Emery during a funding meeting held recently.

Emery was awarded a total of $1,075,000. The funding was awarded as a $805,000 grant and a $270,000 30-year loan with zero percent interest.

The funds will be used to provide 6.3 miles of buried pipeline from the canal diversion point on the Muddy Creek placed parallel to the existing canal, to and through Emery and for a study for identifying a secondary culinary water source for the town.

The Community Impact Board awards grants and low-interest loans to cities, towns and counties impacted by mining and the extraction of oil and gas on federal land. Projects funded by the CIB benefit rural Utah by creating safer, more livable communities. The program is managed by the Division of Housing and Community Development under the Utah Department of Community and Culture.

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