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Work continues on Ferron gas leak problem

Workers take samples of the ground water in Ferron. The samples will be tested for possible contamination.

Ferron residents have been plagued with gas smells coming from the sewer lines into their homes. The Castle Valley Special Service District dug a hole at the end of their line and filled it with cement and also replaced a sewer line. The Department of Environmental Quality has been on scene to investigate. Drilling has occurred to determine if gas is in the ground water. A water line has also been bypassed and water for the home is now coming from a new line because of the gas penetrating the other water line.

Jacob Sharp, director of the CVSSD said the final report from the drilling company wasn't out yet. It is believed the gas is coming from an underground line running from the above ground gas tanks at Main Street Market to the gasoline pumps. Work has been done at the store to correct the problem.

Commissioner Gary Kofford said he appreciates the work of the CVSSD and Sgt. Tom Harrison from the Emery County Sheriff's office Haz-mat crew. Ferron City has also put a lot of effort into the problem.

Sharp said a manhole has been put in which they will check and pump when necessary. They also replaced a clay pipeline and new pipe has been installed to prevent any gas from being absorbed into the water line. The situation will be monitored. Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth said the owners are working hard to be proactive and help with the problem.

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