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Mystery solved "Who kidnapped the mayor"

The mystery solvers work at the Desertview Credit Union. They are front, Lorrie Denison, Sherese Mann, and back, Lori McArthur.

Huntington Heritage Day's 'Who kidnapped the Mayor' contest has a winner. The girls at Desert View Credit Union took the clues and guessed each week and discovered the kidnapper this past week.

As it turns out Cathy Cowley kidnapped the Mayor because she decided that the Mayor deserved some much needed time off. There was no ransom just a friendly reminder of how hard our Mayor works for the good of Huntington City.

To put the clues in perspective here is a short history of our kidnapper. Cathy Cowley was born in Huntington Park, Calif. and attended a one room school house from the first through the third grade as a matter of convenience. The town she grew up in as a young girl was far from a larger school.

Cathy's parents moved to Farmington, Utah and that is where she lived and learned how to work hard raising animals and working out of doors with her family. She is a very hard worker that loves working out in the fresh air. She is a very devoted walker and walks many miles each week and has done so for many years.

Cathy is an excellent cook. Just ask her family and friends and the ward where her baked goods are usually eaten first at any dinner. She served several years on the Huntington City Council with the Mayor and worked hard to help make Huntington a better place to live and enjoy life. She continues to serve on city committees and volunteers her time and talent to us all. Cathy loves yard work and takes pride in growing things.

Thank you Cathy for letting us use you for a little fun in our 'Who Kidnapped the Mayor' contest. The prize for the winners will be given at the Patriotic Program July 3 at the annual Heritage Days celebration.

The Desertview Credit Union mystery solvers are Lori McArthur, Lorie Dennison and Sherese Mann.

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