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Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the regular monthly meeting of the Board
of Education of the Emery County School District will be held at the
time, place, and dates listed below for calendar year 2010.  Please
note that the date for the July meeting has been changed to the
21st-as it had originally been scheduled for the 7th.

Month	Date	Day	Time	Location
January	13	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Cottonwood 
Elementary School
February	3	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Huntington 
Elementary School
March	3	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Cleveland Elementary School
April	7	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Castle Dale 
Elementary School
May	5	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Emery High School
June	22	Tuesday	7:00 PM	District Office
July	21	Wednesday	7:00 PM	District Office
August	11	Wednesday	7:00 PM	District Office
September	1	Wednesday	5:00 PM	Green River High School
October	6	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Ferron Elementary School
November	3	Wednesday	7:00 PM	San Rafael 
Junior High School
December	1	Wednesday	7:00 PM	Canyon View 
Junior High School

Published in the Emery County Progress June 29 and July 6, 2010.

These legal notices, along with those from other fine Utah newspapers, can be viewed at

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