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"Sister to Sister" Tree

Orangeville ladies submitted this tree to the Festival of Trees in honor of Toni Oliverson, a breast cancer survivor. The tree auctioned for $3,300.

A group of ladies from Orangeville decorated a tree that was auctioned off at the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City. The Festival ran from Dec. 4-7 and was held at the South Towne Expo Center. The group, consisting of Sara Grindley, Kathy Ockey, Bobbi Ockey and Dannette Waite raised $3,300 for Primary Children's Hospital.

During the summer, Bobbi Ockey's son was thrown from a horse. His injuries were bad enough to warrant being sent to Primary Children's Hospital. After his hospital stay and subsequent return to home, the parents were waiting for the bill to arrive. When none came, the Mom called the hospital to inquire about the balance left after their insurance payment. She was informed by Primary Children's Hospital that it had been taken care of. For families who have no insurance of those with insurance that does not pay the entire bill, the Festival of Trees Executive Board sponsors this fundraiser to help. The Festival has been in existence for 32 years raising money to help children in need. Last year, the Festival raised $1.1 million and this year these women from Orangeville will help to raise the total. This experience inspired Bobbi to come together with family and friends to do something extra for other children who may need help in the future. The women called on local businesses and were able to collect enough money to buy the tree and the decorations.

On the morning of Dec. 2, the doors to the center opened at 7 a.m. and the ladies had 12 hours to complete the display. Sara Grindley, who decorated the tree, reported the tree was auctioned off for $3,300. Every tree in the Festival must be named, so they called it "Sister to Sister" in honor of Toni Oliverson, a member of Orangeville Second Ward who is a breast cancer survivor.

The ladies have so enjoyed the experience, they decided to do a tree in the Festival every year in the future.

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