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It's your Money by Mark Justice

I have always found salary surveys on the internet and newspaper to be interesting so I decided to do one for Carbon and Emery counties.

This is an amateur's effort but I hope our readers will find this illuminating.

Salary based on averages: Medical doctors and dentists $295,000; Successful business owners $162,000; Power plant and coal mine managers $148,000; Power plant workers $89,000; Non-Union coal miners $74,000; Union coal miners $66,000; Federal government office worker $61,000; RN nurses $59,000; Emery County school teachers $53,000; Carbon County school teachers $46,000; Average Business Owner $45,000; Police officers $45,000; Utah State office worker $41,000; Truck driver $39,000; Carbon and Emery county and city worker $34,000; Walmart employees $23,000; Head Start teacher $18,000; All the nice people who help you at convenient stores, grocery and fast food places $14,000; Unsuccessful business owners, negative (They do not last).

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