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Emery High construction house

The Emery High construction class pauses for a moment after completion of their house. The house is near the Aquatics Center in Castle Dale.

The Emery High construction class spent the last school year building a home in Castle Dale.

They learned how to roof, put in carpet and flooring, framing and all other aspects of home building. The students held an open house at the completion of the home. The home has been sold. The Emery County School District will support the building of another home in the fall.

Students who participated in the home included: Keith Bird, Forrest Boel, Roger Boyer, Adam Clark, Jake Clement, Chandler Fillmore, CJ Gardiner, Kirt Gordon, Brady Jensen, Cort Jensen, Dusty Jensen, Jesse Malan, William Mangum, Housten Rogers, Morgan Burr, Dustin Healy, William Jones, Joshua Knighton, Colton Taylor, Joey Stream, Colton Wilcox, and instructor Jim Keele and assistant Jennifer Jorgensen.

The students enjoyed the roofing and some of them became expert framers during the project. The feeling of accomplishment at the ending of the project was felt by all students.

The students celebrated with a barbeque.

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