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Price man dies in motorcycle/car accident on SR-10

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle came to rest on its side just off the north bound travel lane on SR-10. When the cyclist saw the car in his lane of travel he laid the bike down to try to avoid the car. The bike spun off the road and down the embankment.


On the morning of July 20 on SR-10 just south of the county line, a car traveling northbound struck a Price man on a motorcyle traveling southbound. A few minutes prior to the accident a call came into the Emery County dispatch reporting a gray car was driving recklessly on SR-10. Eyewitnesses reported the car was making bad passes and had at one time left the roadway and came back up on the road.

Minutes later it was reported the gray car had collided with a motorcycle heading southbound. The gray car left its lane of travel and was in the southbound lane when it impacted the man on the motorcycle. The motorcyclist laid his bike down in an effort to avoid contact with the car, but he hit the car on the passenger side fender. The man was severely injured and died at the scene from his injuries. The bike ended up careening across the northbound traffic lane and landed off the road. The gray car continued skidding and swerving down the road until it came to rest several yards away from the point of impact. The impact caused the passenger tire to come off the car. The man in the gray car was transported to Castleview Hospital to be checked for injuries. The Price man who died at the scene was also transported to Castleview Hospital.

The Utah Highway Patrol investigated the accident to determine the exact cause of the accident and how it transpired. The driver of the gray car was reported to be impaired according to investigators at the scene of the accident. The Emery County Attorney's Office is awaiting the results of toxicology reports to determine if and what charges will be filed. County Attorney David Blackwell said sometimes enough evidence can be obtained from accident reports to have an arrest made, but an arrest hasn't been made at this time.

The traffic was diverted around the accident for three hours while the scene was investigated and a clean-up took place as well as removal of the vehicles involved. The motorcylist was identified as Glenn Silvas from Price. The driver of the gray Mazda car was reported to be JeremyHunt from Ferron. Hunt was released from the hospital into the care of his mother from Carbon County.

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