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Flooding in county

John Behling works to keep flood water from damaging his property in Ferron.


On Thursday heavy rains in the mountains led to flash flooding in Ferron and Huntington canyons. Flood water rushed down the creek beds and washed out the road just past Millsite golf course and before you get to the Millsite State Park entrance. This has been a trouble spot over the years and has washed out before. Mud rolled across the golf course on the new hole eight and the current hole number six and seven. Water rushed down the middle of the road and side of the road. The Behling home on Canyon Road saw the water rise and fill their yard. Mud rushed across the road leaving behind debris.

Another problem area was in Trail Canyon in Huntington Canyon. Eyewitness Alex Stoddard said, "It has been a sweltering summer. Three months of unforgiving heat. But today on July 29, things changed. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly. I was in my room, cleaning and playing video games when was a crack of thunder that made it sound as though the mountain had split in half.

"Wow, that was loud. I thought.""

"But about a minute later, there was the sound of rain. But not just any rain this rain fell in sheets. Buckets. Tubs. The noise was loud and constant. Anyone who took one step into the downpour was instantly drenched and I had to rescue my sister's turtle which had been put out on the deck of our house.

"The intense rain sent my siblings into an uproar. They were all outside, jumping in and out of the rain, pushing each other into it, even one-year-old Brett was having fun, flailing his hands, and sputtering.

"Then they all screamed and pointed at the thick mud that was spilling down the mountainside and onto the road. They screamed and pointed at the water that had completely flooded the creek and spilled into our garden...

"And then they screamed when the water began to carry the big funhouse block away. Fortunately, my brother was able to grab it and roll it back to the yard.

"Eventually, the rain dissipated. But it left behind a mess. Mud everywhere and piled on the road and filled to the brim in the creek. It was a rainfall to remember," said Stoddard.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said some Ferron residents reported water in their basements from the flooding.

Mud on the fairways at the Millsite Golf Course is causing problems. "We have scraped the cart paths where the mud accumulated. We are going to wait until the rest of the mud dries out and scrape off the lawn areas, then wash it off as best we can," said Mike Willson.

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