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Huntington city council reports on celebration

The ventriloquist, Greg Classen is a big hit.

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At the July Huntington City Council meeting, it was the conclusion of the council, the mayor and the citizens in attendance that this year's Heritage Days was a huge success. The attendance was huge at the parade, the park and the fireworks. Those in charge hope to do even better next year.

In the mayor's report, algae in the secondary system was discussed as this problem has caused concerns around town. The problem is being addressed by the special service district and property owners and users are encouraged to keep their filters cleaned.

In other business, it was approved by the council to by a 45 KW generator to be placed at city hall for use in an emergency. It was also approved to upgrade the generators used at the fire department building and at the city shops so that both of those buildings will also be functional in case of an emergency such as an earthquake, flood or other calamity.

The city council listened to a healthy debate over a local business owner's wish to reside in a newly constructed apartment at his business location. Huntington city code does not allow for new construction of residences in the commercial district and this city council does not wish to amend the zoning ordinance to appease the property owner. The Huntington City planning and zoning commission had also voted to reject the idea earlier in the month.

The subject of crossing guards at Canyon View Junior High was discussed. The city is not sure there is a need now that most students now travel on the new sidewalks and road that lead to the school. The need will be studied as a new school year is approaching.

In public comments, a city resident complained about many things such as high unemployment, stinky animals, too many city improvements, not enough city improvements and the wish for people to be allowed to do what they want. The mayor thanked the resident for his concerns.

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