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Keith Winn receives cowboy honors

Keith Winn still roping and riding at age 88.

National Day of the American Cowboy celebration honors Emery County Cowboy

Cowboys and cowgirls are a fundamental part of Utah's economic and social heritage. They were in Utah before the first Mormon pioneers arrived and endure today as part of a western legacy that strongly influences contemporary attitudes and lifestyles of many Utahns.

Still today there are cowboys throughout Utah that preserve much of the lore and culture of their nineteenth century predecessors while adapting to the modern day realities of pickup trucks, computers, and cell phones. The cowboy persona persists not only because cows need to be herded and cared for and horses need to be broke to ride, but also because of the images that are fostered by Utah's renowned rodeo athletes, western musicians, cowboy poets, authors, western artists, ranchers and all others who contribute to Utah's cowboy and western culture.

Through their courage, hard work, integrity and honesty Utah's cowboys continue as an integral part in adding to the deep, solid foundation on which Utah was built and the lifestyle we all cherish, and as such deserve to be honored and recognized.

Keith Winn was recognized by the Ogden Pioneer Heritage Foundation and Ogden Pioneer days committee. He has made outstanding contributions to the western heritage lifestyle, and to the preservation of Utah's western and cowboy culture for future generations.

Keith was raised on his family's ranch near Nephi. He has been riding as long as he can remember and began driving teams of horses before he was old enough to go to school. Keith has competed in every rodeo event, but most enjoyed calf and team roping.

In 1968 Keith purchased a ranch and grazing permits in Emery County. The San Rafael Ranch is still operated by Keith's family.

Keith and his wife Beth have nine children and 60 grandchildren and many of Keith's posterity are involved in ranching, rodeo, and horse racing. Keith is 88 years old and is still riding and training horses.

The San Rafael Ranch East of Ferron in Molen is the gathering place for Keith's children, and grandchildren. Seven of Keith and Beth's children have made their homes in Ferron. The Grub Box and Gilly's, formerly known as Winn's Auto, were built and operated by his children.

Keith's grandson Brock Winn is a member of the PRCA and competes in saddle bronc riding. He has ridden in the Desertview Pro Rodeo in Castle Dale.

Keith is proud to call Emery County home and he continues to promote the cowboy lifestyle of living close to the land and he has a deep and abiding love for horses and animals. He is happy that he's been able to live the cowboy life.

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