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Huntington flour mill hazard should be torn down

By Rex D. Jones

Dear Editor:

A vermin infested fire trap. The old flour mill that served Huntington residents for years has become an eye sore and a hazard to the local neighborhood, property values not included. Yes, this is sad for many but reality must surface. The structure in its current state is considered to be of little or no value. The current owner of the mill does not reside here in Huntington.

The following might be considered: The mill might be restored, meeting health and structural codes for about $500-750,000. Or, the property might be purchased for about $25,000 and the structure torn down saving selected lumber for sale or use. The property could then be cleaned up and resold or used. In either case the local property values might be restored and the hazards removed.

The disposition of this property has been an issue for some time and should be resolved soon. To help resolve this issue the Huntington City Council and/or Mayor should be notified as to your own interest in this property and its timely disposition. Further, this issue should be resolved at little to no expense to the City of Huntington.

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