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Green River Pirates defeat Manila by a wide margin

Hayden Pfander makes a nice play at third base.

On Aug. 27, the Green River Pirates again set out on a long road trip, this time to the very edge of modern civilization - Manila, Utah. It's not the end of the earth but you can see it from there, that's for sure. The Pirates were set for a double header with determination in their hearts to not let a loss at Wendover set them back. It worked.

From the start the Pirates worked the Manila Mustang's defense with Justin Johnson taking a 2-1 pitch and placing it just over the infield. Once on base, Justin moved to second and third bases with steals and took home on a wild pitch.

Holden Marshall pops one to center for a single and Jason Johnson nails one deeper into center for a double while Hayden Pfander also sends a ball into center for a single while Caleb White joins the party, which brings in Hayden - the fun is just beginning.

In the second inning, with one on base, Holden Marshall connects with the ball and lets it fly deep into left for a home run. Still in the same inning, again with Holden at bat, he jacks one deeper into left field for his second home run and the rout is on with a final score of 25 - 1.

The Pirate defense enjoyed as much success as their offense as they made consecutive plays at third base with Justin Johnson sending a rocket to Hayden Pfander who just has to put his glove in front of the bag and wait for the overly aggressive base runner to slide into it - clock work baby.

The second game pretty much followed suit to first game with a final score of 24 - 5 in three innings. Elias Polito was credited with the win in the first game and Caleb White with the win in the second with Sarah Swalberg getting some mound time in the first game and Spencer Marshall some time at the helm in the second game.

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