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Renewed respect for business leaders

By Jerry Stotler


Well over 14 million Americans are without a paying job, and yet people are still badmouthing profit making businesses. Hey, business critic, don't you know that real, sustainable jobs only come from businesses that can make a profit. You had better make the businessman one your heros. An employee can only have a job if there is an employer and an employer is a business.

A business can get along without an employee, but there is no employee that can get along without an employer. (Duh). I suggest that we begin to show a renewed respect for the man or woman who has the guts to risk his financial future to venture into the world of business, especially if he has figured out how to do well enough to add employees to his business.

Government has never been able to do a job right. A quick look at some stats shows that of the money allocated for government social programs, about 65 percent gets eaten up by government while the money available to private charities generally only use up between 6 percent and 25 percent to run the charity. If we use the average, 15 percent, which is better, to have 85 percent of your money given to private charities actually reach the needy or 35 percent of the tax money taken from you for government charity actually reach the needy? Socialism has no redeeming social value that cannot be better achieved in some other way. There is no government social program that cannot be better done by private or nongovernmental effort.

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