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Likes idea to restore Huntington Flour Mill

By Paula Wellnitz

Dear Editor:

I want to second your suggestions in the Opinion column in last week's paper regarding the old Mill building and the Star Theatre and center in Huntington.

For years I have looked at that old Mill and thought it is a shame that it is just sitting there. For awhile it seemed that it was being used. Then I heard it was not anymore. It is a perfect place to be set up to be like a historic activity museum. It would be fun to see how it worked in its day.

There is a mill in Monticello or some other town that is (or at least was) remodeled to be used as a bed and breakfast. At least it was being used and would be be a charming place to be able to stay.

The ideas about the theater and center sound like good ideas too. The whole package could draw visitors which would also effect some of the other businesses in town.

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