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Green River Pirates win at Wasatch Academy; lose to Westridge

Green River cheerleaders support the baseball team.

After the home loss to Westridge at the end of August, the Pirates were hungry to get back to their winning ways against league foe Wasatch Academy on Sept. 10 at Wasatch Academy's home field in Mt. Pleasant. In retrospect, everything about the away trip was pleasant-the weather, the eating fried cheese cake on the bus after the games and the scores of the two games (16-6 and 13-6), both in favor of the Pirates.

From the top of the first inning in the first game where Caleb White ends up going four for four at the plate in the first game (seven for eight for the two games); to the bottom of the fifth inning in the second game with Wasatch Academy's #5 hitter taking the first pitch from Elias Polito, hitting it to Hayden Pfander (third base) who fires one to Caleb White at first for the final out of the two game rout.

In the first game, the Pirates scored three runs in the first two innings while holding Wasatch Academy scoreless. In the third inning, the pirates added 10 more runs while allowing four runs for Wasatch Academy. In the forth inning, the Pirates go scoreless while Tigers manage to add two more runs making it 16 to 6. The Pirates want to end the game early with the 10 run rule but must hold the Tigers scoreless as they were unable to add any extra runs during the top of the fifth inning.

The first up for the Tigers is their #9 hitter who bloops one to Justin Johnson whose on the pitchers mound, an easy throw to first and the first batter is down. The second batter up swings at an 0-2 pitch but misses and so does catcher Spencer Marshall. The foot race to first is on but Spencer quickly gathers it up and throws to first for the second out.

The third out is a bit more challenging. The batter takes the first pitch and hits it to left field. While the #3 batter is at the plate, the base runner steals second and third base. A wild pitch finds the runner heading to home where Spencer gathers it up and makes a nice toss to Justin who covered home for the final out. The game took twohours and 45 minutes and it ended twoinnings early.

The second game proved a bit more interesting. The Wasatch Academy Tigers jump out to a quick five run lead. In the bottom of the first the Pirates couldn't get the bats going and went scoreless.

During the second inning, four pirates took the plate but Elias Polito only allowed three for the Tigers. The Pirates finally got a run in the third and added three more in the fourth while 'E's fast ball had the Tigers go three up and three down for the two innings.

As the Pirates entered the top of the fifth inning, Caleb White blasts one to center for a single but the next two batters go down swinging when Greg Johnson comes to bat with two outs. Greg hits a single to left and the two out rally is on and ends with Caleb White, Hayden Pfander and Spencer Marshall each hitting three consecutive doubles.

On the bus ride home, Coach Parsons was overheard saying that he never lost faith in the Pirates when they were down at the end of four (of a five inning game) but he was scared.

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