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Orangeville City honors employees

Mayor Pat Jones gives an award to Cindy Nielson.

Guest Writer

Mayor Pat Jones, after opening the September city meeting made a presentation to Cindy Nielson, City Treasurer, who recently became re-certified as a Utah Public Finance Administrator. She received her original certification five years ago.

Mayor Jones made a similar presentation to Ruanne Leeflang City Recorder from the Utah Municipal Clerk Association. She is now a Certified Municipal Clerk. To achieve these honors, Nielson and Leeflang took classes over the past five years to become certified. The mayor then complimented both employees for their accomplishments.

Celeste Lute, Chair person for the Advisory Council of RSVP, made a request of the city, on behalf of Volunteers of America and the Retired Senior Citizens Volunteer program. She requested that RSVP a non-profit organization be allowed to use the City Hall or the Orangeville community center without charge. They will be training people in the CERT program and training first responders in preparation for emergencies as well as holding other meetings.

She also requested that RSVP be included on Orangeville's list of nonprofit organizations.

Her request was approved as long as it was scheduled around other uses of the buildings. The present Orangeville annexation policy does not have a time limit. A six-month time limit and a fee of $750, which would cover publication of the proposed annexation was suggested. The time limit could possibly be extended when necessary. Carole Larsen and the Planning and Zoning Commission were given the assignment to revise the annexation policy.

Larsen searched other cities that have skate parks for the ordinances they use to control activities in the skate park. The Orangeville skate park has posted rules at the entrance to the skate park, however, the city has been informed that if the rules are not in an ordinance they are not enforceable. Larsen was given the assignment to draw up an ordinance for the skate park.

Larsen proposed an ordinance for the Orangeville City Park regarding smoking. The city does not have a policy regarding smoking within the park at the present time. The suggestion was made that there be no smoking within the park and no smoking within 50 feet of the park. Larsen will study what other cities are doing with regards to smoking in city parks and report at the next meeting.

The Orangeville skate park is causing a problem for some of the neighbors living close to the skate park due to excessive noise. The noise is being caused because of the metal ramps used by the skateboarders. It was proposed that the underside of the metal ramps be coated with an insulation to reduce the noise.

Jeff Tuttle has received prices for this undercoating of the ramps for sound deadening and they range from $7,000 to about $22,000. It was decided to hold off on this undercoating until spring.

Cindy Nielson reported: The Orangeville days celebration was within the budget. Tuttle reported that the irrigation water for farmers would be shut off Sept. 15 and the secondary water would be shut off by Oct. 15.

Mayor Jones said he met with the city engineer and the special services district where the discussion was about the projects the city had submitted for next year which comes to $552,000. Funding is down this year so they wanted us to cut back about $50,000. "We can accomplish that by cutting a couple of projects. Such as a drainage project, cemetery trees and a section of curb and gutter," said Jones.

The contract for the city copy machine is ending. The Sharp company doesn't want to renew the contract for the old copy machine, because the copier is more than 10 years old. They propose the city lease a new machine that has several new features on it. The copies per minute would be slightly slower than the machine the city has now.

The present machine puts out 33 copies per minute. The new machine would put out 28 copies per minute. The bottom line is that we would pay $83 per month for 48 months for the new machine. Their service contract is built into the price. The council approved the purchase of the new Sharp copier under the state contract.

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