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Vehicle/pedestrian accident sends lady to hospital

A woman is hit on the Castle Dale Main Street.


On Sept. 27 at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Castle Dale Main Street a woman was hit by a vehicle. The vehicle had just pulled out from Maverik and was heading north on SR-10. The woman was in the inside lane when she was hit. Apparently the woman was retrieving a lunch box from the street. She is a caregiver on the school van for a handicapped boy living next to the motel. He had thrown his lunch box into the street from the van which takes him to school and she was getting it out of the street when she was hit.

The vehicle was driven by a man from Ferron. He said there was a glare from the sun and he didn't see the woman in the street. When he did see her he slammed on his brakes and his speed when he hit the woman was approximately 10 mph.

Jerry Chavez the woman who was hit is from Wellington and she suffered leg, ankle and wrist fractures. The victim was taken to the Castleview Hospital where she is being treated.

Utah Highway Patrol trooper Shawn Alton said the incident is being ruled as an accident and the driver won't be cited. The woman was at fault.

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