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New business in Huntington: Enliven Within

Lisa Brower cuts the ribbon to open her new home business, Enliven Within. Business chamber members as well as the Brower children help celebrate including: Julie Jones, Lisa Brower, Ethan Migliori, Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth, Nicole Steele, Jerry Stotler, Mike McCandless and Commissioner Jeff Horrocks. Brower children include: Caleb, Aaron, Ben and Kaileen.

Lisa Brower has begun a new home business in Huntington. It's called Enliven Within. The Emery County Business Chamber helped Brower celebrate her new business with a ribbon cutting ceremony recently. Enliven Within is a business performing foot zone therapy. Brower is a certified foot therapist. The therapy is based on the fact that all organs and parts of the body have nerve endings in the feet.

Foot zone therapy, also known as reflexology, dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and India. The theory of meridians, which is used in this technique, can be found in ancient China. The Incas, Mayans and Native American Shamans also practiced similar techniques.

Brower said she has always been interested in holistic and natural healing. She believes the body can be healed from within.

Brower explained the origin of foot therapy. After centuries of remaining a tool of holistic healing, foot zone therapy was rediscovered in the western medicine world by Dr. William Fitzgerald. He was an American physician, specializing in the nose and throat. He theorized an electrical channel running throughout the body.

After 26 years of intense research, a Norwegian physician, Dr. Charles Ersdal, was able to chart the physical anatomy and how meridians relate to the foot. He was able to include the blood system, the lymphatic system, the musculature system as well as the brain. This in turn validated foot zone therapy and it became a legitimate system of healing by the 1980s.

In the mid 1980s, the knowledge of foot zone therapy was being integrated with ancient meridian healing and it continues to be refined as new generations of practitioners enter the practice. Various areas of the feet and hands are representative of different organs and functions of the entire body.

A practitioner of foot zone therapy can diagnose various illnesses by examining the foot for abnormalities, discolorations, tenderness and pain. The disruptions of energy flows will also cause the formation of uric acid crystals in the corresponding region of the foot. Any area of discomfort is an indication of a blockage. If there is no pain, that means that corresponding part of the body is in good condition.

The map of the body in the foot is very precise. The toes are representative of the sinuses; the area of the heel is the colon, large and small intestines. Each part of the body has a corresponding point on the foot and that area needs to be worked to allow that function to work properly.

By squeezing, pressing, rubbing and manipulating the surface and deep tissue fascia of the foot in specific areas, the trapped energy will be released and the meridians can flow freely again. Painless, unobstructed flowing energy represents a healthy body.

Foot zone therapy depends on the pathways of positive and negative energy, called meridians. These are the communication channels throughout the body and the corresponding points for which each part of the body can be located on the feet and hands.

The meridians correspond specifically to the bladder, gall bladder, heart, large and small intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs, pericardium, spleen, stomach, and the triple burner (temperature regulator). Within these major functions, every aspect of the body can be found.

Brower enjoys working with people and helping them feel better. A foot zone therapy session takes approximately two hours the first time it is done. Brower will wrap the foot not being worked on in a warm towel. She works on one foot at a time going through the various zones of the foot and corresponding organs. Brower will interpret the messages from the foot and can determine the overall health of the person receiving the treatment. In the beginning sometimes treatments are needed every two weeks, as the therapy progresses a wellness session once every six weeks may be all that is required. Some patients need the therapy every four weeks to maintain optimal health. Brower said foot therapy is a very individual thing and everyone responds differently to the therapy. The therapy room has been painted a soothing green color and the therapy chair allows you to relax without reclining. A small water fountain adds relaxing sounds to the treatment. Another part of good health that Brower encourages is drinking a lot of water.

She is happy to begin her new business in Huntington and encourages everyone to come and try foot therapy so you can feel your best. To make an appointment call Brower at 435-749-7238. The business is located at 540 North 550 West in Huntington.

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