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Fire in Ferron Destroys Shop

A New Year's Day fire in Ferron destroyed a large shop building owned by Don Conover. According to Sergeant Jeff Thomas several calls were received by dispatch at the Emery County Sheriff's Office beginning at 1:36 a.m.

"A large shop was in flames at 335 West Mill Road in Ferron. The building is owned by Don Conover of Ferron and the shop building was located behind his residence. The fire spread to neighboring property on the east side and destroyed a camp trailer owned by Kern Behling which was parked adjacent to the shop.

"The fire burned so hot that it melted the siding on the Behling home closest to the fire. Fire fighters from Ferron, Orangeville and Emery responded to the blaze. The Ferron ambulance was also on standby. The owners expressed their appreciation for the quick response of the fire fighters.

"The Ferron fire chief and the state fire marshall are involved in the investigation. Preliminary findings by the state fire marshall indicate that it appears to be a set fire, but the cause is still under investigation. There weren't any injuries in the fire. The vehicle repair shop is a total loss and some vehicles inside the shop at the time of the fire were destroyed or damaged.

"It was quite a fire and lit up the whole sky. Two of our deputies responded and several firemen arrived within four-five minutes after receiving the call. They worked to extinquish the fire and secured the scene until the state fire marshall arrived," said Sergeant Thomas.

Conover saved his own vehicles and tractor. Sirens could be heard all over Ferron along with loud explosions from tires and acetylene tanks bursting. Lost inside the shop were two trucks, an engine and two 4-wheelers. The shop was made of steel and wood with a tin roof and all that is left is the frame. Sounds of crackling, bursting and explosions kept spectators and families at a safe distance to watch the fire departments fight the fire. Conover said, "The outcome of this tragic incident is around $200,000 in damages."

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