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Drug arrests made at Emery High

Kristopher Petersen was arrested for drug possession.


On Oct. 8 a drug bust involving juveniles at Emery High resulted in four arrests; one citation and the arrest of one adult at the school. Another adult supplier and user were also involved. Four of the juveniles were taken to the detention center and the other juvenile was cited and released. Emery High in conjunction with the Emery County Sheriff's Office has implemented a system called the Buddy Box. Students can place anonymous tips in this box without fear of retribution. Sheriff LaMar Guymon said, "The tip provided by one of the students gave information on students dealing drugs at Emery High. Deputy Shaun Bell, Deputy Clayton Bell and Deputy Robert Riley along with members of the drug task force including Det. Jerod Curtis and John Barnett aided in the investigation at the school. The adult supplier is one of the main sources for supplying drugs to the high school. "He is from the Salt Lake area, but he has relatives in this area. Getting him out of the picture is good for our county," said Sheriff Guymon.

Kristopher Petersen is being held at the Emery County jail on numerous charges including: possession with intent to distribute, distribution, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and various other charges. Deputy Shaun Bell spends time each day at the high school. He said, "I spend at least two hours each day at the school and sometimes more. We are developing a rapport with the students so they can feel comfortable talking to us. This tip came from the Buddy Box. The box is placed by the office and students can feel free to put their comments inside. They can report on any suspicious activity they see and that is what happened in this case. After receiving the tip, we investigated further and made several arrests.

"We are thankful that the kids gave this tip. It has helped to get some of the drugs out of the school. We want to get the word out that we are here to help the kids. We aren't the bad guys. We are here helping kids. I am a visible presence in the schools. Sometimes I am there from 9 a.m. until 1:30 in the afternoon. I have kids coming up and talking to me now as they get to know me better," said Bell.

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