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New flashing speed signs in communities

The speed sign in Huntington flashes the speed, as motorists drive within the range of the sign.


Four Emery County towns will have a new speed deterrent as flashing speed signs will be placed in Huntington, Ferron, Castle Dale and Emery.

The Huntington sign is already in place. The new signs are the result of a grant written by the Emery County Sheriff's Office to the Utah Department of Public Safety.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office is entering into an agreement with each city for the placement and maintenance of the signs. Sheriff LaMar Guymon along with assistant Jana Luke prepared the grant documents.

Sheriff Guymon said, "The sheriff's office has acquired funding for the purchase of four digital speed signs. We requested 18, two for each city, but we only received funding for four signs. We believe these signs will help with speed reduction in our communities.

"Emery County's SR-10 doesn't have any stop lights in the communities. Traffic speed is a problem entering and leaving the communities. With the coal truck traffic along with local traffic, students and travelers, motorists need to slow down. These signs will help you become aware of your speed as you enter the communities.

"The total grant was $18,185 and included the signs along with all of the adapters needed for their installation. The cities have agreed to install and maintain the signs. With all of the heavy traffic on SR-10, these signs will be a benefit in all communities.

"We will continue to look for grant money so we can fund additional signs in the other communities," said Sheriff Guymon. Sheriff Guymon encourages everyone to slow down through the communities and watch out for pedestrians, bicycles and other motorists.

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