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Emery Telcom to consolidate exchanges

Emery Telcom held an informative meeting on Oct. 19 at the Museum of the San Rafael to discuss a rate change.

Emery Telcom director Brock Johansen said, "In our continuous effort to bring you great service at an affordable price, we are making some changes to your local service offerings. First we are consolidating the various Emery County exchanges so that your local services will be provided through one county-wide exchange, the Emery County Exchange. In connection with this change Emery Telcom will eliminate long distance charges for all calls made within the county, including calls to and from Green River. Currently, Emery Telcom customers are paying a basic monthly rate of $13.50, plus most customers, with the exception of Green River, pay an extended area service charge of $4.95 for county wide local calling for a total bill of $18.45.

"With the consolidation of the various exchanges, Emery Telcom will be able to offer unlimited local calling county-wide to all its customers for the nominally increased rate of $15 for residential service and $24.50 for business service. The extended area charge of $4.95 will be eliminated. Therefore, the overall rate paid by customers will be decreased by $3.45 for all Emery County customers except Green River which will see an increase of $1.50 from $13.50 to $15.

"The changes will become effective on Nov. 1. Even though the various exchanges will be consolidated into one, the voting districts for board members will remain the same, so each district will continue to be represented in the cooperative.

"Emery Telcom is also in the process of seeking extended area service between the Emery County Exchange and the Price Exchange. Through this process, an additional small flat fee would be charged, but long distance between Carbon and Emery counties would be eliminated. The flat fee has not been determined at this time.

"Emery Telcom is committed to keeping its total monthly rates below the current combined local service and extended area service of $18.45 per month. The extended area procedure must be approved by the Public Service Commission. As part of this process a survey will be conducted by the Public Service Commission or the Division of Public Utilities. We encourage any customer contacted to support the extended area service and to indicate that customers want unlimited long distance calling to Carbon County," said Johansen,

If customers have questions they can contact Emery Telcom at 748-2223 for more information.

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