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Sheriff candidates visit SRJH

Sheriff candidate Greg Funk and Danny Dudleston visit with Ferron students.

San Rafael Junior High eighth grade students learn about county elections

The eighth grade US History students have been learning about the election process. Their teacher, Ky Horrocks, has taught them about the history of elections in America, and about the elections which are currently taking place here in Emery County. He invited the two candidates who are running for county sheriff, LaMar Guymon and Greg Funk, to come to the school and talk to the students. Each of them took time out of their busy schedules to present their ideas.

Both men are concerned about the drug problems that face Emery County. Each of them want to see the sheriff's office become more involved in educating our students about the dangers of drugs.

As part of Funks' presentation he invited Danny Dudleston, a resident of Emery County Care & Rehabilitation Center, to talk to the students. Dudleston is paralyzed from his waist down from an accident he sustained by being run over by a cement truck while he was riding a 10 speed bike along a busy highway on the way to his drug dealer's house. He started taking drugs when he was in the eighth grade, and thought it was fun and made him popular. Little did he know his life would turn out the way it has. His story had a big impact on the students, especially when he talked about his life today, living with senior citizens in a place called Ferron.

Ky Horrocks is the newest addition to the faculty at SRJH. He teaches US History, World Geography, and Utah Studies. Horrocks was raised in Hooper, Utah which is west of Ogden. This is his first year teaching. He graduated from Weber State University with a Social Studies composite. Before teaching he worked as a pharmacy tech. Horrocks's wife's name is Kathryn and they have four kids. He says, some other favorite things to do, besides teaching history, is fly fishing and hiking. He once hiked Utah's highest mountain, Kings Peak.

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