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Election Day: County residents get out and vote

Joyce Staley takes the opportunity to vote early as she casts her ballot on the electronic voting machine in the clerk/auditor's office.


Emery County citizens had the opportunity to participate in early voting. The early voting started on Oct. 19 and ran through Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. Early voters came into the county building to the clerk/auditors office where they signed in. In order to vote you need to show your drivers license. Three voting machines were set up for the voters.

A number of contests in the county will be decided on Nov. 2. As this is press day and the results won't be available until after the paper comes out for the day, the results of the election will be published on line at as soon as results are known.

Three incumbents in the county are up for re-election. Incumbent Commissioner Gary Kofford is being challenged by JR Nelson of Ferron. Incumbent Jeff Horrocks is being challenged by Edward Geary of Huntington. In the Emery County Sheriff's race incumbent Sheriff LaMar Guymon has Greg Funk of Ferron running against him.

Early voting is a good way to get your vote in at a time that is convenient for the voter, or if you know you are going to be out of town on the day of the election you can still vote without the need for an absentee ballot.

Clerk Brenda Tuttle said, "The counting on election night is open to the public and will be in the Swell room in the county building. We will probaby be able to start counting about a quarter to nine on election night, as the voting machines come in from the communities. The best place to get the election results will be We will post to that as soon as we have numbers. We will probably stop uploading cards two or three times to post totals then we won't have the final vote counts until the cards get back from Green River."

Clerk Tuttle reported, "We had 285 early voters total and sent out 140 absentee ballots."

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