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Vandalism at new restroom at Buckhorn

The new bathroom was up for less than 10 days when the damage was discovered.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office is investigating a vandalism incident which occurred at the new bathroom facility on Buckhorn. Commonly known as the pumphouse at the Y intersection is the site for a new bathroom and will be expanded in the future to include informational kiosks and camping spots and a host on specific weekends to give out information. The restroom was completed on Oct. 12 and the incident occurred between then and Oct. 22.

Michael McCandless, county economic development director went out to check on the restroom and found the damage. The plastic hadn't even been removed from the toilets and they hadn't been used yet.

Nine shots had been fired into the building and the doors sustained the most damage. McCandless called the Emery County Sheriff's Office and they began an investigation. Deputy Mike Jorgensen took the reports. Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said a reward for $1,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible person or persons. Anyone with information can call the Emery County Sheriff's Office at 435-381-2404.

The information center at the pumphouse is a joint effort between Emery County and the Emery County Travel Bureau. Sheriff Guymon said, "It's too bad things like this have to happen. The county has worked for several years to get a restroom facility at this site. It's been needed there for a long time. Then we do get one put in finally and it is vandalized within just a few days. It's really sad that a few people have to ruin things for everyone else. We at the sheriff's office would like to encourage anyone with information to help out so we can prevent these types of vandalism in the future."

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