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San Rafael Monument Proposal Opposed to Monument

Believe it or not, I'm a big fan of the Antiquities Act. Realizing in 1906 that Congress was sometimes slow and imprecise when doing certain things, they delegated a portion of their authority over public lands to the president. That gave the preside...

in Favor Of Monument

The Governor's announcement of a proposal to consider the creation of a San Rafael Western Heritage National Monument has stirred reaction from every side of the public land management debate. This is to be expected. The San Rafael Swell is recognize...

Letter to the Editor: a Room Full Of Patsies

I attended the Emery County Public Lands Council public meeting the night of Jan. 26.

Letter to the Editor: no to Monument

How enlightening it was to watch the Governor's State of the State address on television and see Emery County's elected commissioners and the public lands council put on their happy faces and tell the state how thrilled we all are at having a nationa...

Letter to the Editor: Monumental Surprise

The proposal to create a national monument in Emery County was a surprise to Utahns, especially to Emery County residents who first learned of it on Jan. 26 at a public meeting held in Castle Dale by the county commission and the Emery County Public ...

Letter to the Editor: Enough Monuments Already

How many more national monument, parks and wilderness do we need? I don't believe that we need to add anymore. How about taking care of the one's we already have and leave the rest of our public lands open for "multiple use."...

Letter to the Editor: State Park, Not National Monument

Do not add more power to the federal government for this area.

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