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Letter to the Editor: Slap in the Face

A Jan. 29 Deseret News article said, "The Grand Staircase National Monument was created by a different president who developed his executive order in complete secrecy, with no notice and no collaboration." How does this differ from what is going on r...

Letter to the Editor: Monument Of Concern

As citizens of Emery County we need to be extremely cautious about supporting a national monument. We need to ask ourselves, what impact will this have on our future? Emery County officials are selling this proposal to capture the tourism dollar. The...

Letter to the Editor: Monument Scheme

I am uncomfortable with the monument conception for some of the following reasons:

Letter to the Editor: Voting for the Monument

Unfortunately the citizens of Emery County, and others who just like to go out for a drive on weekends, stop and walk around, maybe bring their lunch and eat in a peaceful place and look at God's creation, are being bombarded by two extremist groups....

Fighting the Common Cold, or Not

Demonic possession is not an easy thing to overcome. But, after a great deal of effort I am happy to report that I am now demon free.

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