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Battling the Video Club Cult

There is a vast horde of people suffering and in need of help. They could be your neighbors, your friends, perhaps even members of your own family. You may be completely unaware of their painful struggle to break away from a vast and all powerful cul...

Letter to the Editor: Safety is the Key

I would like to respond to the article. Speeding through Ferron. Which was in the paper on April 9.

Letter to the Editor: Wrong Priorities

In observation of the latest Utah legislative session, it appears that our governor and legislature have put a higher priority on chasing non-existent roads and paths on federal lands than on educating our children. Two million dollars have been appr...

Letter to the Editor: Shop Local

Yes, we have a new Super Wal-mart, and yes I have been to it, I also spent money in it. But I will not buy any more groceries there, we have great grocery stores in our own towns, after I had been to Wal-mart, I came home and compared some of the pri...

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