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Hatt's Hatchery on the Run As Egg Gathering Continues

It has been a busy spring for the Hatt family of Green River. They have been gathering eggs out at the ranch and transporting these eggs into town to the bird hatchery.

Green River Golf Team

The Green River Golf Team recently finished a successful season. Coach Blaine Luke said, "We finished first in our region and third in state. We won all of our region tournaments except one. We won by at least 25 strokes and sometimes 50-60. Jason Lu...

Emery Town Baseball

The town of Emery was again the site for the sounds of baseball. This season Emery had a minor league baseball team for the first year in a long time. Baseball players in recent years had to make the trip to Ferron to play on a baseball team. The tea...

Anglers Find Fun Fishing Despite the Drought

Drought conditions across Utah have effected fishing this year, but anglers who are adapting to the changed conditions are finding good success.

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