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Local News

Road Work Ahead

UDOT holds an open house to gather comments on proposed plans for State Route 10

School board faces budget challenges

The Emery County School Board met in their regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 13 at the district office building. Those present were board president, Laurel Johansen, board members, Royd Hatt, Sam Singleton, Marie Guymon and Rue Ware. Superintendant...

West Nile Virus

Health department responds to flurry of questions from public about virus

Commissioners hold meeting in Green River

The Emery County Commissioners met in their regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 20 at the Sheriff's Office in Green River. Those present were Commissioners Randy Johnson, Ira Hatch and Drew Sitterud. Sheriff Lamar Guymon was also in attendance. A pra...

Worship Service

On Aug. 11, the Desert Edge Christian Chapel of Huntington hosted its annual canyon worship service in Huntington Canyon at the Bear Creek Campground. During this service, the Spanish Speaking Mission was commissioned and three of their members were...

Utah joins world to commemorate Sept. 11 tragedy

Utah is joining not only the United States, but the World to commemorate the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. Patriot's Day, as President Bush has named it, will be celebrated each year. This year, Governor Leavitt has announced the three word them...

Hunters concerned over game birds possibly carrying West Nile Virus

Although most West Nile virus-positive birds in other states have been American crows, infections also have been confirmed in many other species, including game birds.

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