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Giving the Gift of Life

Orangeville man proves there are still angels among us, with the donation of a portion of his liver to a young niece

JoAnn Behling Retires after 12 years

JoAnn Behling ends her time as Emery County Treasurer.

Orangeville City Council discusses 2003 city projects

Orangeville City Council held its monthly meeting on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. Mayor Thayne Cox called the meeting to order. City recorder Murleen Bean and city treasurer Cindy Nielson were present at the meeting. Councilmembers present were Pat Jones, Ca...

School Board Meets at Canyon View Junior High

The Emery County School Board met for their December meeting at Canyon View Junior High in Huntington. Those present were Laurel Johansen, chairman, and board members Sam Singleton, Royd Hatt and Rue Ware. Superintendent Kirk Sitterud and Ross Huntin...

BookCliff Elementary Celebrates Christmas

The Students at Book Cliff Elementary presented "Winter Wonderland" on Dec. 18. The kindergarten sang the "Chipmunk Song" and the first grade sang and played instruments to "Play a Christmas Tune," the second grade rocked with "Rock-n-Roll Santa" and...

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