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Local News

Joseph and Crew Take the Stage

Emery County Community Theatre Brings Joseph to Life

BLM Deputy Director Tours the Swell Area

The tour visited the Wedge where they had lunch overlooking the edge.

UDOT Looks at Long Range Road Planning

The Utah Department of Transportation gave a presentation to the Castle Dale City Council at a recent meeting. Their representatives, Mike Kaczorowski, Monte Aldridge and Steve Ogden, met with the council and the members of the community who were pre...

Bringing Down the House

The rubble after the second building came down.

Orangeville City discusses water bills

At the Orangeville City Council meeting on April 10, Treasurer Cindy Nielson brought it to the council's attention that there were several residents who had received unusually high water bills over the last six months. The increase in usage was due t...

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