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Public Land Focus

In recent debates over motorized recreation I have, on numerous occasions, heard or read people express their belief that they had a "right" to drive their vehicles on public land....

Guest Editorial

I had this experience and wrote it down last week and am just getting around to typing it up. I was sitting in the shade of the white poplar trees I planted some years ago while eating my lunch of sliced apples and peanut butter with mint from the ga...

Harriet's World

Ever heard of an old duffer? In the dictionary it says that a duffer is one who loafs or sponges on others. A dull, stupid, inefficient person.

Letter to the Editor: Yellow Ribbons

We all have our yellow ribbons up and hang the flag in respect of the troops serving our country, fighting for our freedoms. But have any of you noticed the "E" on highway 29 north east of the high school? It is beautiful. If you haven't seen it driv...

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