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Emery County Schools commemorate Patriots Day

County Prepares for Primary Elections

The towns and cities in Emery County will be participating in municipal elections with the primary election being held on Oct. 7 in the communities where it is needed. The general election will be held on Nov. 4. ...

North Emery Water Users Discuss Rilda Springs Project

On Sept. 4, the North Emery Water Users Special Service District held its monthly meeting. Kevin Jensen was welcomed to the board as a new member.

Emery County Drug Task Force and Marines Search for Drugs on Public Lands in Emery County Area

The two Marine helicopters came from Edwards Air Force Base in California to aid in the search for illegal drugs by air. The Emery County Drug Task Force participates in active search efforts each year. In 2002, 690,000 marijuana plants were seized...

Emery High Honors Patriots

Emery High's a cappella choir sings the national anthem.

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