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Local News

Rally Round the Miners

Striking Co-op Miners Hold Solidarity Rally

Council Welcomes New Members

The Emery County Public Lands Council welcomed new members Clyde Magnuson, Bruce Wilson and Sherrel Ward. Vernell Rowley was reappointed by the commissioners and Tory Killian has moved from non-voting status to a voting board member. These appointees...

Castle Valley Special Service District 2004 Projects

The Castle Valley Special Services District discussed the 2004 planned projects at a recent meeting. Darrel Leamaster announced that the district will set the bond closing as Mar. 17 in Salt Lake City, and will then at that time receive the bond and ...

Ferron City Opens Bids

Ferron City Recorder Brenda Bingham administered the oath of office to the newly elected councilmen and mayor of Ferron City at the years first meeting on Jan. 8. Re-elected Mayor Kent Larsen and Councilmen Gordon Bennett, Joe Trenery, Randy Fox and ...

Bald is Beautiful

A Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle were set up for the day.

Emery Telcom Investigation

On Feb. 5, agents from the Utah Attorney General's Office and the Emery County Sheriff's Office executed a warrant and conducted a search at the telephone company offices in Orangeville....

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