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Local News

Making a Swap

Emery County and Huntington City Consider Land Deal

Cleveland Town Hears Audit Report and Discusses Building Inspector

During the Feb. 12 meeting of the Cleveland Town Council, Doug Rasmussen of Smuin, Rich and Marsing, informed the council that the audit has been completed successfully. He stated that he was present at the request of Jamie Jensen, Cleveland town cle...

Librarians Concerned about Hours

A three month trial run of staying open later at the county libraries has the librarians concerned. They approached the county commissioners at their recent meeting to voice concerns about extending the library closing time to 6 p.m. Commissioner Gar...

Bridgewater Visits County

Dixie Swasey, county recorder attends meeting with Tim Bridgewater at right.

Ohv's in Huntington

Huntington City Council approved a resolution to regulate the use of off highway vehicles on the city streets. During the Feb. 18 meeting, the council held a public hearing to gather input from the city's residents concerning the adoption of a policy...

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